Could Benjamin Netanyahu be the Israeli prime minister who signs the Daniel 9:27 covenant?

Posted in Op-ed on February 5, 2010 – 9:35 pm

By Bill Koenig

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may be the leader who agrees to the final biblical peace deal spoken of in Daniel 9:27. No Israeli politician is better known. No Israeli leader is a stronger defender of his nation’s threats.

In his policy speech at the Begin-Sadat Center at Bar-Ilan University on June 14, 2009, Netanyahu was superb, clever, reasonable and strategic. He attempted a very delicate political balancing act — which, for the most part, seemed to succeed.

He calmed the Kadima Party and the Labor Party with his statement that he favors a Palestinian state, but he offered very challenging contingencies that must first be satisfied.

He satisfied Israel’s right-wing political parties on the statement of a unified (not divided) Jerusalem.

Members of the Likud Party who don’t want to see any of Israel’s biblical land given to the Palestinians were disgruntled about the talk of a Palestinian state, but they appeared satisfied that Netanyahu’s requirements for the Palestinians are all but impossible for them to meet.

He also enjoined Israel’s concerns and the moderate Arabs’ concerns about a nuclear Iran. This was a good strategy.

He said:

  • If we receive this guarantee regarding demilitarization and Israel’s security needs, and if the Palestinians recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people, then we will be ready in a future peace agreement to reach a solution where a demilitarized Palestinian state exists alongside the Jewish state.

  • If the Palestinians turn toward peace — in fighting terror, in strengthening governance and the rule of law, in educating their children for peace and in stopping incitement against Israel — we will do our part in making every effort to facilitate freedom of movement and access and to enable them to develop their economy.

  • Above all else, the Palestinians must decide between the path of peace and the path of Hamas. The Palestinian Authority will have to establish the rule of law in Gaza and overcome Hamas. Israel will not sit at the negotiating table with terrorists who seek its destruction.

    Netanyahu addressed 140 Israeli ambassadors and heads of delegations that were in Jerusalem on Dec. 28, 2009, for the first-ever series of high-level briefings. He once again emphasized his conditions to a peace deal:

  • Palestinian acceptance of Israel as a Jewish state.

  • Demilitarization of any future Palestinian state.

    Netanyahu said, “Recognizing Israel as a Jewish state is necessary for any agreement with the Palestinians that would lead to an end to the conflict.”

    “We want an end to the conflict,” he said. “That means the Palestinians must stop attempts to use a Palestinian state as jumping-off point for further claims against Israel. No claim to flood Israel with refugees, which would mean the end of the Jewish state; and no irredentist claims to the Negev, Galilee or Israeli citizens, which would mean the dissolution of the Jewish state.”

    Ha’aretz reported: Netanyahu said the situation in Lebanon, and the rearming of Hezbollah despite Security Council Resolution 1701 prohibiting just that, proved that agreements on paper were ineffective.

    “I am doubtful that anyone can do this except a real Israeli presence, Israeli forces,” he said, intimating that in any future agreement with the Palestinians, Israeli forces — not international ones — would have to be on the eastern border of a future Palestinian state to prevent it from importing arms and staging attacks against Israel.

    Obama Admin threatens to withhold aid to Israel

    American President Barack Obama’s Middle East envoy, George Mitchell, threatened in the first week of January to withhold financial aid to Israel if they did not accept demanded concessions to get the stalled peace process back on track.

    In an interview with Charlie Rose, Mitchell was asked what leverage the U.S. has to get Israel to comply with Arab and international demands. He answered:

    “Under American law, the United States can withhold support on loan guarantees to Israel.”

    Israel’s Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz quickly reacted, saying, “Israel had no intention of making use of the U.S. loan guarantees in the near future, as it had managed to raise enough funds on its own.”

    Mitchell’s remarks came shortly after Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren rejected Washington’s attempt to place a firm two-year deadline on the peace process.

    “In the past, attempts to impose time frameworks have not proved either realizable or helpful,” Oren told The Jerusalem Post. Previous deadlines have only increased the Palestinians’ refusal to meet their peace obligations, confident that Israel would be forced to comply regardless in order to meet the timetable.

    Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) told a Jerusalem press conference on Sunday, Jan. 10, that he expects President Barack Obama to explicitly announce that his Administration is not planning to alter America’s policy regarding financial aid to Israel.

    Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) stated at the same press conference that even if Obama tried to use U.S. financial aid as leverage, Congress would never approve such a measure.

    The Bible’s road map — the ultimate plan

    God gave the land of Canaan to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants (Genesis 15:18). The Promised Land is not to be divided; and the Bible said that there would be consequences to those who attempt to divide the land of Israel (Joel 3:2 and Zechariah 12-14).

    We realize that Israel will eventually agree to a final seven-year peace plan and that the false messiah will sponsor a peace plan that will be confirmed by the nations (Daniel 9:27).

    The false messiah will come forward at the midway point to stop sacrifices on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (Daniel 9:26-27, Daniel 11:31 and Matthew 24:15).

    The Great Tribulation will begin at that point and last for 42 weeks (Revelation 11:2, Revelation 12:6, Daniel 7:25, Revelation 12:14).

    During the final 42 weeks, the Jews will mourn for the one they pierced (Zechariah 12:10). They will not see the Messiah until they say, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” (Matthew 23: 39, NKJV)

    God will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone (Zechariah 12:3), and He will destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem (Zechariah 12:9). At the end of the 42 weeks, there will be final battle for the city of Jerusalem — the battle of Armageddon (Zechariah 12-14).

    We must continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6) — a peace that will only occur when Yeshua returns to Jerusalem to begin His 1,000-year millennial reign.

    Even so, come, Lord Jesus! (Revelation 22:20)

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